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OTA holds in-depth webinar on progress of historic new SOE rule

The Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) rule, first published in January 2023 and implemented on March 19, 2024, is the single largest update to USDA organic regulations since the creation of the National Organic Program (NOP) and has been a sea change for the organic sector. To keep its members informed on this critical rule, the Organic Trade Association recently held a webinar, NOP Enforcement in the SOE Era: The Power of Data, in which Dr.

From TikTok to Market: How social media trends are driving health and sustainability trends and powering organic

Social media has consistently promoted organic products, connecting consumers with the benefits of organic living. The impact of social media on all our daily lives is deep, and deepest with younger consumers. These younger consumers are today’s most important organic buyers, and their likes and dislikes are increasingly shaped by social media.

Conscious Consumption: Younger Generations Fueling Growth in the Organic Industry

In recent years, the beginnings of a seismic shift have been observed in consumer behavior, primarily driven by the younger generations. Millennials and Gen Z are not just interested in what they eat; they are deeply invested in the values that their food represents. This trend towards value-based eating has the potential to transform the food industry, with organic food at the forefront of this revolution.