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OTA Political Action Committee

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a transparent, legal, and federally monitored way for trade associations like OTA to engage in the political process. OTA’s Organic PAC is our voice in Washington. The OTA Organic PAC is here for you and for our industry, to ensure that our elected leaders make organic food, fiber and farming a priority and an important part of our nation’s agriculture policy.

The Organic PAC is funded by pooling voluntary contributions from employees of OTA member companies. This allows us to leverage every donation into one strong fund for one very strong voice. With these funds, our Organic PAC board identifies political champions to support so that the organic industry can be heard and understood on the Hill. How effective we are depends on how willing elected officials are to understand our perspective. The Organic PAC helps us elect candidates who understand our point of view so that we won’t be shut out of issues affecting our industry. Rather than supporting along party lines, the Organic PAC is completely non-partisan. Instead, we look at where elected leaders stand on a variety of organic issues such as Farm Bill priorities, and how they vote on regulatory mandates. If they share our perspective, they get our support.

Get Involved with Organic PAC

Getting involved with Organic PAC is the single-most important way you, as an individual, can strengthen our voice in Washington, D.C. In order to help OTA raise funds for Organic PAC, please consider the following:

STEP 1: Supporting the Organic PAC

If you work for an OTA member company that has granted Organic PAC prior authorization OR your business is a sole propietership or an LLC,  you are eligible to support the OTA Organic PAC today. 
Contributions to Organic PAC will be used for political purposes, and must be drawn on personal, not corporate, accounts. Political contributions are not tax-deductible for federal income taxes. Individuals in OTA’s "restricted class" may voluntarily contribute up to $5,000 per year to Organic PAC. Contributions are voluntary, and you may choose whether and how much to give without concern of favor, disadvantage or reprisal.

to Organic PAC

*OTA's "restricted class" of Organic PAC is comprised of non-corporate members of OTA (e.g., individuals, partnerships, sole proprietorships), as well as executive/administrative employees (and their families) and shareholders (and their families) of OTA corporate members (except 501(c)(3) non-profits) that have given prior approval for Organic PAC to solicit these individuals.  All contributions are screened, and any collected from persons outside the restricted class will be returned.

STEP 2: Granting Prior Approval

If you work for an OTA member company that holds a corporate tax status, you can support Organic PAC by granting prior authorization or by joining OTA as a homestead member.

The Federal Election Commission requires company leaders to provide written prior approval before the Organic PAC can work with you to raise funds from your employees. We must have your company's prior approval form first− it’s the law. But it's also incredibly easy to fill out. By signing the prior approval form, you’re making a significant impact on the welfare of our industry. You can be proud of what our industry and Organic PAC have already accomplished together, and we are just getting started. Our foundation is strong, and it’s time to build a PAC that will protect the future of our industry.

Fill out the Prior Approval Form

STEP 3: Receive PAC Updates

Interested in receiving PAC updates throughout the year? Completing the Prior Approval Form also automatically signs you up to receive the PAC Flash - a quarterly electronic newsletter covering all things organic PAC!

Organic PAC Committee

The Organic PAC Committee oversees the Organic PAC, sets and meets contribution goals, and authorizes disbursements to candidates who meet our criteria.

Organic PAC Candidate Support

The Organic Trade Association and Organic PAC are committed to transparency in sharing data regarding disbursements to candidates. OTA will report on Organic PAC’s disbursements to candidates following the Federal Election Committee’s reporting cycle, which is biannually in non-election years and quarterly in election years. Organic PAC disbursement reports are available by request. If you have questions please contact OTA’s Operations Manager, Stephanie Jerger.

Learn more about OTA’s Organic PAC

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