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2023 Organic Industry Survey

U.S. Organic Industry Survey 2023

As the organic marketplace waded through inventory, infrastructure, and inflation challenges, the industry unveiled new policies to better support organic producers and help ensure consumer trust in the organic seal for the years ahead.

Organic food sales in the United States in 2022 broke through $60 billion for the first time, hitting another high-level mark for the resilient organic sector. Total organic sales – including organic non-food products, were a record $67.6 billion*, according to the 2023 Organic Industry Survey released Wednesday by the Organic Trade Association.

The organic market grew despite challenging headwinds: inflation pressures tightening consumer wallets, supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic and global political events, a proliferation of competing food labels in the grocery aisles and a labor shortage felt acutely by organic producers. Inflation heated up costs across the organic supply chain – indeed, the entire food supply chain -- and boosted prices in the grocery aisles. As a result, the organic sector reflected the overall food sector, with the value of organic sales rising even as the growth in the volume of sales for some categories slipped.     

*Based on newly available data for the Convenience Store channel, OTA has updated its data model, and as a result, restated current and historical figures for several food categories.   

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