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Seed Issues


OTA Policy Position

OTA recognizes the critical role of seed in the supply chain and shall advocate for policies that secure a seed supply to the organic sector that is free of GMOs.

OTA Action

In 2012, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) released a discussion document requesting comments on the feasibility of developing a seed purity standard in the organic regulations. The subcommittee suggested that seed may be the most impactful and efficient point in the supply chain at which GMO contamination of organic products could be limited and controlled. NOSB is continuing the conversation on seed purity and continues to invite comments from the public. OTA agrees that a seed purity standard should be established but it needs to be established per crop through a careful and deliberate process based on data.

Learn more about OTA’s position and comments to NOSB:

NOSB’s most recent recommendation OTA Comments: 9/24/12– Seed Purity Discussion Document OTA Comments 3/19/13 – Seed Purity Discussion Document OTA Comments: 3/3/15 - Prevention Strategy for Excluded Methods OTA Comments 10/7/15 – Prevention Strategy for Excluded Methods