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Organic Opportunity Communications Toolkit - Download Form

Shoppers today have increasingly high expectations for brands and retailers. They expect to see the full scope of their values reflected in the products they choose – including environmental sustainability, human health, animal welfare, and social justice.

Thankfully, there is a label for that – USDA Organic! Whichever sustainability benefits are most important to your business, from reducing greenhouse gases to regenerating soil health, there is only one option that addresses the full suite of consumer preferences AND is backed by federal certification. Collective advocacy is needed.

The Organic Trade Association has developed a data-driven communications toolkit to empower our members to effectively educate on the requirements and attributes of organic.

Why a data-driven communications toolkit on the benefits of organic is needed

  • What’s inside: Organic Opportunity Communications Toolkit:Preview the toolkit here - news-sheet
  • The Science Behind Organic: Resource Guide: A living encyclopedia of key stats, facts & references that support organic claims. Member Exclusive.
  • Organic Sustainability Wheel: An infographic presenting the positive attributes of organic, the sum of its parts! Available to the publicAvailable in Spanish.
  • Organic Leave-Behind: Five-page Good for the Planet, People, and Business primer. Member Exclusive.
  • Organic is Regenerative + More: Clarifies differences between Regenerative (non-organic) and USDA Organic. Member Exclusive.  
  • The Organic Opportunity Presentation: PPT deck combining all materials presentation style + talking points. Member Exclusive.
  • Organic Standards + Certification 101: All of the organic standards and certification basics. Available to the public Available in Spanish.
  • OTA Fiber (Cotton and Wool): From field to finished product – third-party certification, traceability, annual on-site inspections. Available to the public 
  • Webinar Recordings: This library of on-demand videos includes OTA's Organic Opportunity Webinar Series:

       ➜ Impact Communications: Organic is Good for the Planet 

  • Questions or concerns about any content found in the toolkit?
  • Please contact Scott Rice, Sr. Director, Regulatory Affairs, (202) 695-1268