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Fraud Prevention

Global Organic Supply Chain Integrity 

AlertPilot program kicks off to deter organic fraud. Read the full press release.

The Organic Trade Association has announced a groundbreaking pilot project to prevent and detect fraud in the global organic system. Initiating the far-reaching three-month pilot project is the trade association’s Global Organic Supply Chain Integrity (GOSCI) Task Force--made up of 48 members charged with developing a fraud prevention program designed specifically for the organic industry. As the first step, the task force have created a comprehensive “best practices” guide to facilitate the industry-wide implementation of systems and measures to preserve the integrity of organic, both inside and outside of the United States. Participating in the pilot project are 11 members of the GOSCI Task Force, representing the entire organic supply chain, from farm to retailer and a diverse range of products, services and commodities including fresh produce, grain, spices, dairy, eggs, meat, beverages, packaged and prepared foods, importers and consulting services. MORE

“Organic now operates in a global market. Fraud is one of the biggest threats to that market, and it cannot be tolerated in the organic system.”
-- Laura Batcha, CEO/Executive Director, Organic Trade Association

In summary, the Best Practices Guide:

✓ Provides businesses engaged in organic trade with a risk-based approach for developing best practices for improving the resilience and overall integrity of global organic supply chains

✓ Is intended for individual businesses engaged in selling, buying, producing, processing or packaging certified organic products

✓ Provides background on the participant’s responsibilities and organic requirements for a simple and complex organic supply chain

✓ Aims to set a standard industry practice that compliments and reinforces the organic certification process and verification procedures carried out by ACAs and Material Review Organizations (MROs) as authorized by USDA’s National Organic Program.

✓ Provides guidance on developing and implementing a written organic fraud prevention plan to assure the authenticity of organic products by minimizing vulnerability to organic fraud and mitigating the consequences of occurrence

✓ Presents a process for carrying out a vulnerability assessment to design and implement appropriate mitigation practices

✓ Recommends monitoring procedures and verification tools that will ensure the practices and procedures are effectively implemented

✓ Includes detailed information on what to do when you suspect or detect fraud and the process for filing a complete and effective complaint to USDA’s National Organic Program

✓ Identifies other industry-wide needs and recommendations for next steps and further actions

✓ Provides additional resources and helpful tools for identifying and or deterring fraud.

Organic Trade Association's Global Organic Supply Chain Integrity (GOSCI) Task Force

Convened in June 2017, the GOSCI Task Force's mandate is to develop a best practices guide to use in managing and verifying global organic supply chain integrity to help brands and traders manage and mitigate the risk and occurrence of organic fraud. Consistent with its mandate, the Task Force has completed a draft of its GOSCI Best Practice Guide that will help organic operations develop systems to manage and mitigate the risk and occurrence of organic fraud. The work of the Task Force is now moving into a Pilot Project program that will commence in June 2018 and run through the end of August. Pilot participants will help shape the final version of the Guide, be recognized as early adopters of GOSCI best practices, and help set the stage for industry-wide adoption of an organic fraud prevention program. Collaborating partners include USDA-NOP, the Accredited Certifiers Association (ACA) and NSF International.

"The task force is about buyer responsibility and supplier verification. We’re sending a message to criminals that organic is not a place they get to stay and play."
-- Gwendolyn Wyard, Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs, Organic Trade Association


  • Clarkson Grain Company, Inc. (handler/processor/feed grains/oilseeds)
  • Egg Innovations, LLC  (producer/handler/eggs, livestock feed)
  • Global Organics Ltd. (handler/importer)
  • Grain Millers, Inc. (handler/processor/grains)
  • I Was Thinking (importer/handler/co-packer, grains, seeds, legumes, sweeteners)
  • MOM’s Organic Market (retailer)
  • Organically Grown Company (distributor/produce)
  • Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative (producer/handler/livestock/dairy/meat)
  • Pipeline Foods, LLC (handler/supply chain solutions/feed grains/oilseeds)
  • J.M. Smucker Company (processor/multi-ingredient)
  • Stonyfield (producer/handler/livestock/dairy)
  • True Organic Products, Inc. (manufacturer/fertilizer)


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Gwendolyn Wyard
Vice President, Regulatory and Technical Affairs
(503) 798-3294