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Panel Discussion: Nutrition Equity Speakers

Nora LaTorre | CEO of Eat REAL

CEO at Eat REAL, Nora is galvanizing individuals, communities, health advocates, and the organization to scale impact to make society, and especially the next generation healthier. Eat REAL combines her passions for healthy, sustainable living and improving the food system. Before joining Eat REAL, Nora led growth and partnerships at Ganaz, which is a new agtech startup. At Ganaz, she was employee #3, Head of Sales, and was on the Exec Team. Nora was a sustainability leader within the Produce Industry and the Tech world.






Tambra Raye Stevenson | MPH, MA, Founder of WANDA

Tambra Raye Stevenson is an African-American entrepreneur, nutrition educator, public speaker, policy advisor, inventor, and food justice activist. Stevenson founded WANDA (Women, Advancing, Dietetics and Nutrition) and NativSol Kitchen.






Jenny Lester Moffitt | USDA Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs (discussion leader)

Jennifer Lester Moffitt is an American organic farmer and government official from California and the Under Secretary of Agriculture for Marketing and Regulatory Programs at the United States Department of Agriculture in the Biden administration; she is the first woman to serve in this position. 




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