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Organic Trade Association statement on USDA’s pinpointed market development grants


Maggie McNeil
(202) 615-7997
May 10, 2023
) — 

Washington, D.C. — The U.S. Department of Agriculture today is moving forward with its Pinpointed Organic Market Development grant program and officially inviting organic stakeholders to apply for funding. The Organic Trade Association is pleased to see this important program advancing. 

The Pinpointed Organic Market Development program is a key element of USDA’s historic Organic Transition Initiative, the department’s $300 million program announced last year to promote organic agriculture through technical transition assistance, direct farmer assistance, and support for organic market development. USDA has pledged $75 million to help improve domestic organic supply chains with pinpointed market development. The demand for organic is strong. So strong that it oftentimes outpaces infrastructure development needed for organic farmers and businesses to fully expand their markets. Lack of processing capacity and aggregation facilities, uncertain market access, and an insufficient supply of certain organic ingredients are all challenges that organic has to face in identifying and developing its markets. 

The grant program will strengthen the supply chain and expand organic processing capacity to create critical new paths to market for climate-smart organic farmers and increase consumer access to organic foods and products. OTA encourages its members and all organic stakeholders to take advantage of this opportunity offered by USDA and to apply to become part of this program. USDA is accepting applications for the program through July 10, 2023.