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Tell USDA not to pick apart the organic standards!

Producing food that meets the USDA Organic label is a choice for farmers. And consumers who choose to buy certified organic foods want that label to mean something. Organic standards reflect a consensus between producers, certifiers, and consumers that organic livestock should be provided with meaningful outdoor access and adequate space to move around, and that all organic livestock should be safe from unnecessary physical alterations like tail docking and beak clipping.

The Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule expands and clarifies existing requirements for livestock care and production practices, building strong animal welfare standards into the definition of organic. But now, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is delaying the effective date for at least six months and asking for input on whether to suspend the rule indefinitely, delay it or withdraw it. After over a decade of analysis and public input, this USDA (in)action puts the organic sector in a fowl mood.

The organic industry supports the final rule. The organic consumer supports the final rule. Now we need to work together to urge the USDA to implement this farmer-friendly, animal-friendly, and economy-friendly rule without further delay.

Please take action now to tell the USDA to keep organic strong! 

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Don't play chicken with the organic standards.

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