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Organic Industry Survey

U.S. Organic Industry Survey 2021

2020 was a year like none other in recent retail history.

In an unprecedented year with far-reaching consequences for human, environmental and economic health, shoppers chose organic with even greater frequency, pushing annual sales to nearly $62 billion on growth of more than 12%. As a point of economic comparison, the total U.S. market for food and non-food products grew at less than half the rate, at 4.9%.

In a time of deep concern for personal health, during which daily life was remade by a global pandemic, both the organic food and non-food markets eclipsed major milestones. Organic food sales surpassed  $56 billion, up 12.8% percent – the highest rates recorded in organic in well over a decade. Organic non-food sales totaled nearly $5.5 billion, up a strong 8.5 percent.

“Increased eating at home, along with concerns about personal health contributed to shoppers being willing to invest in organic and to try new products. The healthy implications associated with organic foods and products made this category more important than ever during a global pandemic, as people looked for ways to find overall wellness.”

As food service opportunities shut down, dollars shifted almost overnight to groceries. At the same time, grocery dollars sought out traditional staples and everything needed to stock a pantry or freezer.  Consumer habits, too, shifted almost overnight. Shopping online accelerated years ahead in just a few months as brands and retailers rallied to create online shopping and delivery solutions. As shelves emptied and out-of-stocks became common, consumers tried new products and brands like never before.

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Organic Industry Survey