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Cost of Membership

Membership dues are calculated based on a company’s total annual organic sales (trade members) or total annual sales (associate members). OTA’s sliding scale gives you the flexibility to adjust your dues level and payment amount with an increase or decrease in your revenues.

Your membership dues will help OTA promote and protect organic agriculture and trade on behalf of the diverse business community. Our initiatives help to fuel the growth of the sector and keep the organic marketplace thriving. Invest in us so that we can invest in you. 

Trade Membership - Voting

Total Annual Organic Sales*


Farmstead: For sole proprietorship farmers who are affiliated with organizations participating in OTA's Farmer's Advisory Council. For this purpose, a farmer is defined as someone who owns or leases an organic farm; has a full-time functional role as an organic farmer, and derives his or her primary income from an organic farm, growing and selling between $1,000 and $250,000 per year in organic agricultural products.




$100,001-1 million


$1-2.5 million


$2.5-5 million 


$5-10 million


$10-15 million


$15-30 million


$30-50 million


$50-75 million


$75-100 million


$100-150 million


$150-200 million


$200-300 million


$300-400 million


$400-500 million 


$500-600 million 


$600 million-1 billion


$1 billion-2 billion 


For annual organic sales above $2 billion, add $5,000 for each additional $1 billion (e.g., $3 billion is $52,300, $4 billion is $57,300, etc.). If you fall into this category, please contact Danielle Cote or call (202) 403-8630 to complete the application.


*NOTE: If your company's organic sales are less than $1 million but your total sales (combined conventional and organic) are over $5 million, your membership dues are $2,540.

Associate Membership - Non-Voting

Total Annual General Sales


International Business Associate: For companies outside of North America.

Use the "Annual Organic Sales" dues schedule referenced above
Business Associate  
         <$100,000 Annual General Sales $600
           $100,001-1 million Annual General Sales $750
           $1-5 million Annual General Sales $1,590
           $5-15 million Annual General Sales $3,590

Government Associate


Non-Profit Associate

Provisional Membership: For companies with organic certification pending and individuals in early stages of business development. No listing in The Organic Pages Online. There is a 12-month time limit on this category, at the end of which the membership must transfer to either the trade or business associate category. $360

Homestead Associate: For existing OTA member contacts to support OTA while enjoying special individual member benefits at home.  

International Trade Association: For international organizations seeking advice from OTA regarding association governance, operations, and policy; includes access to OTA materials. $3,700


Starting in 2019, the Organic Trade Association’s membership dues and annual fund structure will adjust to provide stability in funding for our critical government relations, media outreach, and market insights work. Learn more about 2019 membership dues adjustments

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