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Global Market Opportunities

In 2012, global market organic sales were estimated at U.S. $64 billion. In Canada, the organic market is worth $3.5 billion per year, showing a threefold growth since 2006 and outpacing other agri-market sectors.

To maximize on this growth, COTA has partnered with Agriculture and AgriFood Canada through the AgriMarketing program to develop a long-term international marketing strategy to help expand Canada’s organic sector and success in target markets.

COTA’s international market development strategy identifies target markets, products and key entry points. This benefits the entire domestic sector by identifying gaps in the supply-chain, new opportunities and innovations, and providing a more coordinated approach to capacity development. COTA’s market strategy promotes the quality of Canadian organic produces in a quickly expanding global organic market. 

COTA also helped broker five bilateral equivalency arragements to open up important export markets. 

To find out more, or to participate in COTA’s long-term international marketing strategy, please contact COTA.   

Export event calendar available here.


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