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Fiber Council

OTA’s Board has approved the establishment of an OTA Fiber Council based on OTA Sector Council Operating Guidelines.  The application for the new sector council was first reviewed by the OTA Board Community Relations Committee, which gave its support. Marci Zaroff, Founder/CEO of MetaWear and Founder of Under the Canopy, submitted the request along with seven other OTA member companies that have expressed interest in participating.  The aim is to create a cohesive voice across fiber categories within OTA, and to grow the organic fiber sector overall.

If you are interested in joining OTA's Fiber Council, please contact Gwendolyn Wyard

OTA's Fiber Council hosted a first of its kind event in New York City, the #LiveOrganic from Farm to Home Pop-Up Shop. Read the press release

Members of OTA Fiber Council              


2017 Fiber Council Report to OTA Board  2016 Fiber Council Report to OTA Board 2015 Fiber Council Report to OTA Board OTA Fiber Council 2018 Work Plan

Upcoming meetings and events

  • Monday, January 22 @ 2pm EST / 11am PST (teleconference)
  • Annual In-Person Meeting - Monday, February 26 @ 1-4pm EST in Charleston, SC
  • Natural Products Expo West – Date and Time TBD
  • Organic Week (May 21-24) – Date & Time TBD
  • Thursday, July 12 @ 1pm EDT / 10am PDT (teleconference)
  • Natural Products Expo East – Date & Time TBD
  • Thursday, December 13 @ 1pm EST / 10am PST (teleconference)


Vice President, Regulatory and Technical Affairs 
(503) 798-3294