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Perry Clutts

FAC Chair, OTA Board Member, Pleasantview Farm

Perry Clutts is an organic farmer at Pleasantview Farm, which was originally purchased by his great grandfather in 1899. It has seen its share of agricultural practices, having been a much diversified farm through the 1960’s, moving towards the plow and row crops only in the 70’s, and 80’s. Soil erosion through those years brought about a needed management change in the 90’s. Perry realized that organic production, with a focus on soil health and quality, could help heal his farm and make it productive again. After a FOOD Farmer [Federation of Organic Dairy Farmers] conference call, during which the OTA was discussed, Perry realized he had little knowledge of what the OTA was about, but knew that its members are the businesses that sell the organic products organic farmers produce. At the time, organic dairy pay price was a major concern and Perry felt that bringing more levels of the supply chain into the conversation might be a good idea. He decided to join the OTA, and when the call went out for Co-Chair of the Farmer Advisory Council, he decided this could be a good way to make sure that everyone could hear and understand what's happening on organic farms… directly from organic farmers!

Nate Lewis

FAC staff, OTA Farm Policy Director

Nathaniel is OTA's Farm Policy Director where he provides staff support to OTA's Farmer Advisory Council, on-the-ground outreach to OTA's organic farmer membership community, and analysis of policy issues that affect organic crop and livestock producers.  Prior to his current position, Nathaniel served as Certification Coordinator for Washington State Dept. of Agriculture's organic certification program where he managed WSDA's material review program, coordinated their periodic residue sampling program, and gained certification experience in all scopes of organic production. Nathaniel holds a Bachelor’s of Science from The Evergreen State College with a focus in agricultural science and organic chemistry. He currently sits on the WSDA Organic Advisory Board and Washington Organic Recycling Council's Board of Directors.  Nathaniel and his wife, Melissa Barker, have managed their own farm for the last decade growing vegetables for a CSA program, certified organic pastured broilers, and sheep, cattle, and swine. They have recently shifted focus towards forage based production, and currently raise grass-fed lamb and beef for direct-to-consumer sales. 

Jon Bansen

Affiliation: CROPP Cooperative 

Jon and his wife Julianne bought their farm 22 years ago and have farmed organically since 1999.  They milk 200 Jersey cows and farm 650 acres in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  Joe was on the Dairy Executive Committee of Organic Valley for 11 years and worked in the Farmers in marketing department of Organic Valley for six years.    

Grant Brians

Affiliation: CCOF Inc.

A farmer since age 14, Grant Brians started farming organically in 1975 and is one of the only original California Certified Organic Farmers members remaining.  In 2006 Grant acquired Heirloom Organics from founder Stuart Dickson. Heirloom Organics uses a combination of organic and Biodynamic practices to grow an assortment of vegetables and herbs. Grant is committed to flavor, freshness, organics, and genetic preservation.  Each year, Heirloom grows over one hundred varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit. 

John Brunnquell

Affiliation: OTA

John Brunnquell is managing member of Egg Innovations family farms, who own and operate organic pullet production, an organic feed mill and processing plant as well as chickens for egg production. He oversees the company’s day-to-day operations, sales and marketing, food safety and organic certification. John is active on several industry organic egg boards and committees including United Egg Producers Organic Egg Committee, Organic Egg Farmers of America Board of Directors and the Methionine Task Force. He is both a strong advocate for family farms and for maintaining consumer trust in the organic products produced by the organic industry. About Egg Innovations: Egg Innovations is a leader in the specialty egg industry that provides high quality eggs while sustaining the highest integrity with its customers, growers and employees. Egg Innovations produces a wide variety of specialty eggs including pasture eggs, free range eggs, organic eggs and vegetarian eggs. Egg Innovations prides itself on its commitment to organics, animal welfare and maintaining family farms for future generations.

Doug Crabtree

Affiliation: OTA

After a career in organic research, inspection and certification, Doug Crabtree returned to his calling to farm.  In 2009, he and his wife Anna Jones-Crabtree founded Vilicus Farms , a dry land organic crop farm located in north-central Montana.  The operation produces a diverse array of heirloom and specialty grain, oilseed and pulse crops; and practices "radical" land stewardship, minimizing fallow, and strip cropping., It also devotes nearly 20 percent of the land to conservation, enhancing wildlife, pollinators and beneficial biology.  Vilicus Farms also sponsors an apprentice program designed to "create and launch" new organic farmers. Doug and Anna strive to provide an example of organic farming practiced as an expression of a deep stewardship ethic as well as a legitimate profession.

Andrea Davis-Cetina

Affiliation: CCOF Inc.

Andrea Davis-Cetina is the owner of Quarter Acre Farm in Sonoma, CA. Growing up in Maryland, Davis-Cetina always had an innate relationship with the land that surrounded her. However, it wasn’t until she watched the barns and fields of her childhood slowly disappear that her interest in sustainability grew. After getting her hands dirty creating edible gardens for restaurants, Andrea finally took a leap of faith in 2008 and started Quarter Acre Farm in Sonoma (it's since grown to 3/4 of an acre). The farm specializes in heirloom and cherry tomatoes, and only uses organic methods. Andrea now hosts a radio show, teaches others how to garden, helped to start the Sonoma Valley Farmers Guild, and has worked to revitalize CCOF's North Coast Chapter. She currently sits on CCOF's board of directors as the North Coast representative. 

Kristina Hemstead

Affiliation: CROPP Cooperative 

Kristina Hemstead grew up on her family’s organic dairy farm, founded in 1893. After attaining bachelor's degrees in Agronomy and History, she continued on to graduate school where she focused on young/beginning farmer work in the Agroecology Program. Now a fifth generation beginning farmer and employee of CROPP Cooperative, Kristina is in her first year of raising organic produce.  Currently renting land from her parents' farm, she plans to sell her produce to CROPP Cooperative and to a local Farm-to-School Program. 

Steve Koretoff

Affiliation: CCOF Inc.     

Steve Koretoff is the manager of Nick Koretoff Ranches and Purity Organics. He is also the current chairman of the BLM Resource Advisory Council, a Former Board Representative of CCOF Fresno-Tulare Chapter, and a member of the Blue Diamond Almond Ag[SBX1] . Leadership program. Steve grows organic almonds and raisins and has crop experience in Alfalfa, Almonds, Beans, Corn, Cotton, and Vineyard (wine grapes & raisins). Steve’s family has been farmers ever since they came to this country from Russia in the early 1900's. He and his siblings are fourth generation California farmers. Steve lives in Fresno, California with his wife and their two children.

Phil LaRocca 

Affiliation: CCOF Inc.

Phil LaRocca has been in the organic industry for 40 years.  He was first certified in 1974.  His farming career has included commercial apple production (first certified organic apple grower in California), as well as cherry, and apricot production.  He has farmed most vegetable crops and has commercially raised grade B dairy goats, sheep and beef. Thirty years ago he began farming wine grapes and making organic wine.  At the present time he farms 165 acres of wine grapes and produces approximately 25,000 cases of fine wine annually. Philip is also the past president of CCOF and has served as an organic representative to the State of California under Governor Grey Davis.  Among his many duties was as a presenter at the WTO as a voice for organic agriculture.


Tom Page

Affiliation: CCOF Inc. 

Tom Page is the owner of Page's Organic in Ramona, California. 

Roger Peters

Affiliation: OEFA           

Peters Farms, Inc. converted to organic production in 1988 and was one of the founding members of CROPP Cooperative.  They farm 700 acres (owned and rented), milk 250 cows, raise 300 market hogs and have 2,500 laying hens.   Roger has managed Peters Farms, Inc. with his father Wayne, and brother Rory for the last 32 years. Roger has been a Dairy Executive Committee alternate for six years, on the Egg Executive Committee for 10 years and on the Organic Meat Company (OMC) Board for 11 years.  He is currently the OMC Board President and has been a member of the Lorentz Meats Board for one year. Roger has budget and finance experience from his farming operation and from serving on boards and committees.

Steve Pierson

Affiliation: CROPP Cooperative

Upon graduating in 1980, Steve packed his things into a Volvo and drove across the country to Oregon. With single-minded focus, he sought out the head of the dairy department at Oregon State University, asked if he knew of any local dairy farmers looking for a herdsman, and soon, Steve was headed to St. Paul, thirty minutes south of Portland, where he met with Marlin Rasmussen, a third generation dairy farmer and the owner of Sar-Ben Farms. Sar-Ben Farms stretches across 175 acres with 150 as irrigated pasture. Steve and his wife Susan manage the farm in partnership with Marlin, milking 350 Jersey, Holstein and crossbreed cows. In 2005, Sar-Ben Farms received organic certification and joined Organic Valley. By transitioning to organic practices and joining the cooperative, their family has been able to sustain their way of life—one that Susan’s great grandfather etched. They receive a stable and equitable pay price for their milk and benefit the health of their land and herd. The Pierson’s have three kids, Ryan, Kevin and Sara and are excited that just as Ryan is heading off to Oregon State University, their eldest son, Kevin, is returning to work on the farm beside his parents and younger sister, Sara, having graduated with his degree in animal science. Kevin will be the fourth generation farming on the same land

David Roberts

Affiliation: WODPA

David is an organic dairy producer in Southeastern Idaho. They milk about 200 cows and farm 600 acres.  David has been on the WODPA board since the beginning of WODPA.  He and his wife Kayla have six children, ages 9-19 who are all involved on the farm in one way or another.

Bob Quinn

Affiliation: OTA

Bob Quinn owns and operates a fourth generation small grain certified organic dry land family farm of 4000 acres near Big Sandy in North Central Montana. He earned a PhD in plant biochemistry from the University of California at Davis. His whole farm, 100% organic since 1989, is his laboratory as well as his garden. He experiments with organic cropping systems, dry land vegetables, a small orchard, and grows high oleic safflower which is crushed and used first for food by local restaurants and then for fuel to run his tractor. In 1986 Bob introduced Kamut brand Khorasan ancient wheat to the natural food market place. Bob is active in his church and community and has served on numerous local and national boards. He is a member of the Alternative Energy Resource Organization (AERO) receiving AERO’s Sustainable Ag Award in 1988. In 1993, he was named one of Montana State University’s 100 outstanding alumni. He served on OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association) International board of directors and was named their outstanding member in 1991. He served on the first USDA National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). In 2007 he received a lifetime of service award from the Montana Organic Association. He has been a member of OTA (Organic Trade Association) since 1987 and in 2010 received their National Organic Leadership award. In 2013 he received the national Organic Pioneer Award from the Rodale Institute. Bob and his wife Ann, (married for 43 years) have five children and 17 grandchildren.