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OTA may send informational e-mails on a variety of subjects, often specific to the needs of a subset of members based on their products or services. (e.g. if there was an issue involving milk, dairy producers would be notified and so on.) Such information may include but is not limited to notice of meetings, links to articles of interest, surveys, or other information of interest to members.

Electronic newsletters include news briefs and information about the Organic Trade Association's (OTA) activities and programs. Examples of electronic newsletters include OTA’s News Flash (for members only), and the OTA Advantage (for members only).

Action Alerts
These notices urge recipients to take some action that would benefit the organic business community. Action Alerts are typically time-sensitive and may involve contacting elected or appointed government officials, or notifying customers about particular issues, or other direct actions on behalf of the organic business community.

These communications include notices about renewing Organic Trade Association membership, information about benefits and events, and correspondence important to your relationship with the Organic Trade Association.
  Business opportunities
These communications include promotional materials about the Organic Trade Association’s products and services such as the All Things Organic Conference and Trade Show, new marketing opportunities available, and other programs of interest to those in the organic trade.

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