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Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA) is your guide to the organic world in Canada. We specialize and are involved in all regulatory and policy aspects of the Canadian organic sector.

The mission of the Canada Organic Trade Association is to promote and protect the growth of organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy.

COTA envisions organic products becoming a significant part of everyday life, enhancing people's lives and the environment.

COTA Board of Directors and Executive Committee:
Lynne Brenegan, UNFI Canada
Ryan Benn, Teldon Communications(BC)
Dag Falck, Nature's Path Foods (BC)
Mike Fata, Manitoba Harvest (MB)
Maureen Kirkpatrick, The Big Carrot (ON)
Martin LeMoine, Fruit d'Or (QC)
Kelly Monaghan, Ash Street Organics (ON
Lisa Mumm, Mumm's Sprouting Seeds(SK)
Dwayne Smith, Grainworks (AB & SK)

Read the profiles and get contact information for the Board of Directors and Executive Committee here.

Matthew Holmes, Executive Director
(613) 482-1717

Stephanie Wells, Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor
(250) 335-3423

Julia Bustos, Operations and Outreach Manager
(613) 482-1717

Marie-Eve Levert, Strategy & Research Manager
(613) 482-1717

Mailing Address:
1145 Carling Avenue, Suite 7519
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 7K4

The Canada Organic Trade Association supports its members with the latest information and quick answers on organic regulations and standards in Canada and around the world.
We can answer your questions on labelling, ingredients, sourcing, handling, certification, imports and exports, and marketing your products internationally.

COTA recognizes the business of organic farming as the foundation of the organic sector, and works to connect everyone along the organic supply chain. We develop new markets and foster strong networks.

COTA membership offers an opportunity for farmers, processors, distributors, retailers and all points along the organic value chain to share a strong voice to ensure the protection of the organic sector and encourage its continued growth. We represent our members to government on sector needs, market development, and strong organic standards and regulations.

COTA maintains an active Canadian media presence, promoting the organic sector, educating the public and protecting organic product integrity.

COTA raises public and government awareness to the organic industry through initiatives like the National Organic Week in October and our consumer-focused website

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