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GREENFIELD, MA (Mon., March 17, 2003)— “Wear Organic! The Organic Fiber Fashion Show,” a fashion show featuring organic fiber, will debut at the Organic Trade Association’s 2003 All Things Organic Conference and Trade Show, North America’s premiere business-to-business event for the organic industry, slated for May 14-17. The runway fashion show will take place at the Austin (TX) Convention Center on Friday, May 16, from 3 to 4 p.m. 

“Organic is all about stewardship of the earth, and that core value will be represented in each of the organic fiber fashions, bed and bath products, accessories and fabrics showcased in ‘Wear Organic!’ and in the Organic Fiber Pavilion at the trade show,” said Katherine DiMatteo, executive director of the Organic Trade Association (OTA).

A tribute to the pioneering men and women who use organic practices, “Wear Organic!” honors the organic fiber industry, a fast-growing sector in the North America organic industry. Sales of organic fiber products have grown 22 percent annually over the past five years. Increased consumer awareness and industry support are driving growth in sales of clothing made with organic fiber. 

Designers on a Mission
The latest in organic apparel for women, men, children and infants will be featured in the show produced in partnership with Diversified Business Communications. Fashion designers include Birdland Ranch, Cottonfield, Ecobaby, Ecoganik, Nature USA, Nike and Under the Canopy. Organic fiber bed and bath products, accessories and fabrics will also “take a walk” down the runway and will include designers such as Organic Cotton Alternatives. 

“All of the organic clothing and other organic fiber products in this show symbolize humankind’s struggle for environmental health. As a designer, I am proud to be part of such a celebration of hope for our future,” said Marci Zaroff, founder and president of Under The Canopy. 

"The Organic Trade Association deserves the thanks and appreciation of all of us who are working to build and sustain the organic fiber industry. OTA’s pioneering leadership is helping manufacturers like Nike meet consumer demand for products that make genuine contributions to our planet's health," said Heidi McCloskey, global sustainability director for Nike Apparel.

Major retail buyers, including L.L. Bean, Neiman Marcus, Norm Thompson, Wal-Mart, and Bath & Body Works, will be attending “Wear Organic!” In addition, a special products display of organic apparel designers, organic fiber producers and textile manufacturers will be part of the Organic Fiber Pavilion at the accompanying exhibition. 


Among the conference sessions will be three workshops devoted to organic fiber education: “Producing and Processing Organic Fiber Products,” an update on the organic fiber processing and handling standards for finished products; “From Field to Fashion: How to Create a Finished Organic Fiber Product,” an introduction to organic fibers; and “What to Consider in Marketing Organic Fiber Products,” a look into the best ways to market organic fiber products to consumers. 

March 17, 2003

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