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Organic Trade Association publishes directory on the Web


GREENFIELD, Mass. (Sept. 21, 2000)—Due to the rapidly growing and changing nature of the organic industry, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) has converted its member information into a searchable database for publication on the Internet. Previously, this information was only available in print form under the title The Organic Pages. By taking this step, OTA is making current and accurate information on the entire organic industry widely available to anyone with access to the Internet.

Set to launch Oct. 31, the electronic version of The Organic Pages will offer multiple search capabilities (by industry sector, geographic location, products and services), and will be free and accessible to the public. OTA will soon accept paid advertising from its members for the electronic version. Listed companies will be able to submit changes and select listing or promotional options on-line at any time.

"By publishing the third edition of The Organic Pages on the Internet, OTA is making comprehensive North American organic industry information available worldwide," said Katherine DiMatteo, OTA’s executive director. "And, the inherent flexibility of the Internet will allow The Organic Pages to keep pace with our rapidly growing industry."

Listing and promotional options, including banner ads, multiple industry sector listings, enhanced Web site links and additional key words, will soon be available. OTA anticipates that after several months, it will announce a cut-off date for receiving new data. At that point, a scaled-back third edition of The Organic Pages (less color and graphic elements, lighter paper stock) will be extracted from the Web site and sent for printing. All OTA members will receive a free copy of the print version. OTA intends to continue trade distribution of the print version to libraries and bookstores, and offer it for sale at trade shows and conferences worldwide.

Once the electronic version is launched, all current OTA members should check their listing by using the link from the OTA Home Page ( to The Organic Pages. If there are questions or concerns, contact Dan Pratt (phone: 413-774-7511, Ext. 13. E-mail: at the OTA office.

September 21, 2000

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