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Looking for an organic ingredient? Here’s where to go


GREENFIELD, MA (March 30, 2001)—Seeking a particular certified organic ingredient? The Organic Trade Association (OTA) will soon have a tool in place for you to find what you want more easily.

OTA has announced plans to upgrade the searches available on its online directory, The Organic Pages Online, for finding certified organic ingredients. The proposed changes will primarily affect "Supply Chain" searches, accessed by linking to the online directory at Two distinct search levels for organic ingredients will be possible. The first level will feature choices for general ingredient types, while the second level will offer specific ingredient names. For example, if a user selects "vegetables, fresh" from the general ingredient type search words, he or she can then search a specific list of individual fresh vegetable ingredients, from "arugala" to "zucchini."

"The Organic Trade Association anticipates that this improved search feature will strengthen the marketing position of companies offering organic ingredients and make it easier for those who wish to do business with them," said Katherine DiMatteo, OTA’s executive director. "The new searches will encourage existing organic manufacturers to increase the percentage of organic ingredients in their products, and enable new manufacturers to offer organic products due to increased confidence in organic ingredient availability."

OTA published its first edition of The Organic Pages Online in November 2000. This online directory is updated twice a month, making one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date sources of organic industry information. Access to the site is free and open to anyone with Internet capabilities. Although only OTA members are currently listed on the site, OTA plans to make paid listings available to non-members once the new search features have been implemented. For more information, contact Dan Pratt at OTA (phone: 413-774-7511, ext. 13; e-mail:

March 30, 2001

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