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Rich Topics and Exciting Speakers at All Things Organic(tm)


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Rich Topics and Exciting Speakers on Tap at

2005 All Things Organicä Conference and Trade Show


GREENFIELD, Mass. (February 21, 2005) — There are a multitude of interesting topics and speakers scheduled for the Organic Trade Association’s 2005 All Things Organicä Conference and Trade Show, to be held April 30-May 3, 2005, at McCormick Place in Chicago.


In addition to keynote speeches given by Nina Rothschild Utne (Utne Magazine chair) and Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”), the 2005 conference will feature a variety of topics sure to be of interest to the show’s attendees. From Organic 101 for the basics, to in-depth organic topics, there is something that will appeal to everyone interested in the business of producing or selling organic products.


Sessions during the conference include:

  • Organic 101 sessions: These sessions are open to anyone with ANY floor pass and will discuss the basics of Certified Organic.

¨      Organic 101: Organic Agriculture and the National Organic Program

¨      Organic 101: The U.S. Organic Market

¨      Organic 101: Organic Certification and Inspection

¨      Organic 101: Implementing Good Organic Retailing Practices (GORP)

¨      Organic 101: Organic Fiber

¨      Organic 101: Growing Your Suppliers Along with Your Business

  • Paths to Organic for Every Sized Business-a panel discussion about how to achieve success in the organic business world, featuring perspectives and stories from a variety of large and small businesses.
  • Scientific Research Needs and Strategies Panel-a presentation of the latest in organic research findings, moderated by the Organic Center for Education & Promotion. The discussion will examine the current claims that can be made about the benefits of organic.
  • Alternative Fuels for Business Energy Needs-a discussion about the latest innovations in “green power” energy alternatives for businesses.
  • Bring Your Supply Chain Problems to the Experts-Formulators, processors and manufacturers can bring their questions regarding all their needs to a panel of experts in the organic supply chain.
  • Free and Low-cost Promotions for Small Businesses-attendees can learn marketing and public relations techniques to effectively convey messages without huge budgets.
  • Growth Prospects in the Global Organic Food Industry-experts will share their perspectives on the numerous international marketing opportunities for organic products.
  • OTA's Organic Fiber Processing Standards-an overview of the standards and how to verify new fiber products as certified organic.
  • Marketing Opportunities and Challenges for Organic Meat-a session discussing how to educate consumers about the benefits of organic meat.
  • Unclouding the Crystal Ball: Organic in the next 20 years-As the OTA celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year, organic luminaries will cast their light on expectations for the next 20 years.
  • Direct Retailing-this session examines the channels outside of the traditional retail store such as direct delivery to consumers, CSAs, eBay and more.
  • International Success Stories: Changing the world one farm at a time-IFOAM staff and indigenous farmers will show how smallholder group certification and internal control systems are a model that can be used everywhere to benefit small organic farms.
  • Organic at the Cutting Edge of Food Technology-As more interest in organic products comes to the forefront, so have their attributes. Find out more about trans fats, omega three fatty acids, and flavors and organic foods.
  • The Organic Market: A policy perspective-This session features experts' perspectives on how agriculture and trade fit into the larger political arena.
  • Getting Organic into Institutional Food Service-A progress report on the institutional food service of organic products from a wide variety of businesses.
  • Current State of Genetic Engineering (GE) in Agriculture and How It Affects Organic-The latest scientific data and concerns regarding the long-term effects GE may have on the environment and on human health.
  • Domestic Fair Trade Panel-Explore how the concept of “fair trade” might benefit North American producers, as envisioned by this panel of experts.
  • Educating Your Customers About Non-Food Organic Products-From garden supplies to home décor, non-food organic products can play a part in a retailer’s product mix and encourage ecological sustainability.
  • Encouraging Publicly Funded Organic Farm Research-Knowledgeable researchers and the Organic Farming Research Foundation give an update on the state of publicly funded organic agriculture research.

This year, for the first time, the 4th International Conference on Organic Textiles (INTERCOT) will be held in conjunction with All Things Organic. INTERCOT, co-hosted by OTA, is designed to cover the entire organic textile chain: For more information on INTERCOT please visit


All Things Organicä is presented by OTA in partnership with Diversified Business Communications. The May 2005 event will mark its fifth year, and the second year it has co-located with the Food Marketing Institute Show, the Spring Fancy Food Show®, United Produce Expo and Conference, and the U.S. Food Export Showcase.  All Things Organicä is the largest conference and trade show in North America exclusively dedicated to organic. Registration is now available for conference and trade show, at, with discounted rates for those registering before April 8, 2005.


Details concerning the conference and speakers, trade show, and special events are posted online at


The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is a membership-based business association whose mission is to encourage global sustainability through promoting and protecting the growth of diverse organic trade. OTA’s more than 1,475 members include growers, shippers, retailers, processors, certifiers, farmer associations, brokers, consultants and others. For further info, visit OTA’s web site (


Diversified Business Communications provides information and market access through trade exhibitions, magazine publishing, and online resources on five continents. In addition to serving the natural products/organic market, DBC produces over 15 food exhibitions organized throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia (


February 21, 2005

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