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Make Valentine's Day Sweeter with Organic Flowers and Chocolate


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Make Valentine's Day Sweeter with Organic Flowers and Chocolate

GREENFIELD, Mass. (February 9, 2005) - Red roses and chocolate are the quintessential presents for loved ones on Valentine's Day, but the conventional production of these gifts is anything but sweet for the environment and the workers who produce them.  This holiday, consumers have more choices available to send a true gift of love by purchasing organic versions of these classics, honoring both the environment and their beloved.

"In addition to organic practices being better for the environment and those who grow and produce flowers and chocolate, the organic versions of these treats are some of the highest quality available," says Katherine DiMatteo, executive director for the Organic Trade Association.  "According to many, organic flowers are more fragrant and last longer than their conventional counterparts, and the organic chocolates being produced today are some of the finest tasting in the world."

To raise conventional flawless flowers, they are grown in massive greenhouses that utilize large quantities of pesticides.  Organic flowers are grown without the use of toxic and persistent chemicals.  That's better for the surrounding environment and farm workers, as well as the end recipient who can thoroughly enjoy the wonderful scents of an organic bouquet.

Organic cocoa is cultivated on plots under a shade canopy that preserves critical elements of the native tropical forests. Biologists have determined that this environmentally sound method of farming helps to maintain bio-diversity and protect the winter habitat of millions of migratory songbirds. Conversely, conventional cocoa is second only to conventional cotton in its use of pesticides, according to the Pesticide Action Network (

Organic chocolate producers are true artisans, creating their chocolates with the finest of care to ensure the optimum quality product with a rich indulgent taste.  Organic ingredients must be certified, and no ingredients can be genetically modified.

This Valentine's Day, consumers can give a kiss to the Earth along with a kiss to their loved one by purchasing organic flowers and chocolate.  It's a good way to treat the special person in your life and honor the planet, the way Mother Nature intended.

Editor's note: Attached is a list of Organic Trade Association members that sell/grow organic flowers and produce organic chocolate.  Click here for organic roses and chocolate photo.

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is a membership-based business association whose mission is to encourage global sustainability through promoting and protecting the growth of diverse organic trade. OTA's approximately 1,500 members include growers, shippers, retailers, processors, certifiers, farmer associations, brokers, consultants and others. For further info, visit OTA's web site at


Note to editor: Flower producers listed below offer one or more of fresh flowers, dried flowers or edible flowers. Chocolate purveyors offer one or more of candy, hot cocoa, or chocolate sauce. Organic chocolates and flowers may also be found at many natural products retailers. Also visit The Organic Pages Online Directory at: 


Click here for photos

Sources for Organic Chocolate:

Spruce Foods, Inc. AZ
Essential Living Foods, Inc. CA
Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products CA
Newman's Own Organics - The Second Generation CA
Sjaak's Organic Chocolates CA
Smucker Quality Beverages, Inc. CA
Green & Black's CT
EcoTrade FL
Equal Exchange MA
Oringer MA  (508) 580-1700
Mia Mahalo LLC MI  (248) 546-1900
Morley Candy Makers MI
Country Choice Naturals MN
Round Belly Clothing MN
Ecco Bella Botanicals NJ
InterNatural Foods, LLC NJ
Rapunzel Pure Organics, Inc. NY
Danny's Organic Marketplace, Inc. OH
Maramor Chocolates OH
Dagoba Organic Chocolate OR
Endangered Species Chocolate Company OR
Debelis Corporation WI
K.F.M. Foods International BC
Verner Frang AB Sweeden

Sources for Organic Flowers:

Bent Oak Farms, LLC OR
Fitch Farm & Gardens ME
Harms Vineyard & Lavender Fields CA
Jacob's Farm CA
Oregon Floral Farms OR
Organic Bouquet, Inc. CA
Organic Holding Company WA
Seabreeze Organic Farm CA
Terrie's True to Nature GA (770) 277-0889  
Village Botanica TX



February 9, 2005

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