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News and Commentary 2011 Archive

Dec 05, 2011        Organic mac-and-cheese provider Annie’s files for $100M IPO

Dec 02, 2011        Jean Richardson named to National Organic Standards Board

Nov, 29, 2011        National Young Farmer Coalition blogs about OTA study

Nov, 14, 2011        Michelle Obama tours organic farm in Waianae

Nov, 03, 2011        Farm Bill: OTA spurs 10,000+ letters to Congress. Act now!

Oct, 31, 2011        Certified organic a healthy choice

Oct, 31, 2011        Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont raises $170,000

Oct, 17, 2011        OTA D.C. staff participated in the GMO Right2Know March

Oct, 13, 2011        Washington organic acreage continues increase

Oct, 11, 2011        Organic misinformation is counterintuitive

Oct, 06, 2011        Canadian petition circulating to label GE foods

Oct, 04, 2011        Coalition files petition with FDA to require labeling of GE Foods

Oct, 04, 2011        Uncle Matt’s founder elected to lead Organic Trade Association

Oct, 03, 2011        Michael Pollan answers food questions in the New York Times

Sep, 30, 2011        The GMO Right2Know march kicks off this weekend in Brooklyn, NY

Sep, 19, 2011        Global organic cotton market grows by 20 percent in 2010

Sep, 19, 2011        OFRF Report on organic farming highlights need for more research

Sep, 19, 2011        NOFA VT auction to raise money for Farmer Emergency Fund

Sep, 16, 2011        EcoTulips bulbs available at Whole Foods mid-Alantic stores

Sep, 14, 2011        Consumers place value on quality: organic purchases steady

Sep, 13, 2011        Organic industry to recognize responsible packaging with awards

Sep, 09, 2011        Grocers embrace organic to drive growth in tough times

Sep, 08, 2011        The Organic Center releases nutrient profile system

Sep, 08, 2011        New strains resist Roundup, the world’s top-selling herbicide

Sep, 08, 2011        USDA seeks method to compensate farmers for GM contamination

Sep, 07, 2011        NOFA launches farmer emergency fund

Sep, 02, 2011        OTA representatives named to Ag. Trade Advisory Committees

Sep, 02, 2011        Organic farming profitable long-term

Sep, 02, 2011        Organic tomato juice more nutritional than conventional

Aug, 31, 2011        NYT opinion piece: admin sacrificing the environment for profits

Aug, 31, 2011        USDA alerts organic sector of fraudulent NOP certificate

Aug, 30, 2011        Monsanto corn plant losing bug resistance

Aug, 26, 2011        New research shows small organic farms are more profitable

Aug, 22, 2011        Anna Lappé responds to NYT pro-biotech op-ed

Aug, 12, 2011        How to avoid salmonella superbugs in the first place

Aug, 10, 2011        Organic farming reduces resistance of bacteria to antibiotics

Aug, 05, 2011        Monsanto set to launch GE sweet corn for consumers

Aug, 04, 2011        Organic egg producers flock to Washington

Aug, 04, 2011        Healthy food startups avoid recession's bite

Aug, 03, 2011        OTA has a busy week on the Hill: GMOs and 2012 Farm Bill

Aug, 03, 2011        USDA allows continued use of substances for organic agriculture

Aug, 03, 2011        OTA Sugar Task Force work results in increased USDA quota

Aug, 02, 2011        Consumer demand has spurred the organic apple sector

Aug, 01, 2011        Tait Farm owner urges Senators to support organic farms

July, 28, 2011        USDA reopens comment period for drought-tolerant GM corn

July, 28, 2011        Court says pesticide drift onto organic farms is trespassing

July, 26, 2011        Advocates for labeling of GE food announce two week march

July, 25, 2011        Whole Foods Market creates foundation to fight childhood obesity

July, 20, 2011        NPR Poll: More than half of Americans prefer organic foods

July, 18, 2011        Resistant weeds leave farmers desperate

July, 12, 2011        Hain Celestial transitions to NSF/ANSI 305 for organic personal care

July, 12, 2011        Rodale Institute and Uncle Matt’s Organic to fund new farmers

July, 12, 2011        Organic Valley and NCGA join forces to improve school lunch

July, 11, 2011        Genetically modified food labels don't sit well in U.S.

July, 11, 2011        Documentary on bee colony collapse focuses on cutting pesticides

July, 07, 2011        USDA exempts grass engineered for glyphosate from regulation

July, 07, 2011        UN report shows green farming vital to ending global hunger

July, 06, 2011        EU lawmakers give backing for national GM crop bans

July, 05, 2011        Stonyfield Farm announces Organic Living partnership

July, 05, 2011        Bayer compensates US farmers $750 Million in GM rice complaint

July, 01, 2011        National Organic Program looking to hire new marketing specialist

June, 29, 2011       Organic gains ground on natural with shoppers

June, 27, 2011       EU and Canada agree on equivalency in organic products

June, 24, 2011       OTA staff and members appointed to advise on biotech and ag

June, 21, 2011       MOSES seeking nominations for 2012 Organic Farmer of the Year

June, 21, 2011       Frontier Natural Products Co-Op builds training center in Sri Lanka

June, 16, 2011       OTA Member Bob Quinn of Kamut Intl is named GoodFood Hero

June, 08, 2011       Public kept in the dark on Roundup link with birth defects

June, 08, 2011       EU considers 30 percent compensation to farmers

June, 06, 2011       Unapproved pesticides found on conventional cilantro

June, 06, 2011       Sprouts not apparently cause of E.coli outbreak

June, 03, 2011       White House meets with OTA for new economic design for U.S.

May, 25, 2011       The Organic Movement hits newsstands in The Washington Post

May, 24, 2011       USDA: Keeping dairy cows outside year round lowers emissions

May, 24, 2011       Strong sales of organic foods attract investors

May, 23, 2011       Court dismisses Monsanto's appeal of Roundup Ready sugar beets

May, 23, 2011       States lead debate over modified food labeling

May, 20, 2011       NOP releases policy memo addressing labeling of organic textiles

May, 18, 2011       Applegate Farms elevates NYC street food with organic hot dogs

May, 15, 2011       Produce industry presses USDA on pesticide report

May, 12, 2011       Transforming U.S. Agriculture with the 2012 Farm Bill

May, 11, 2011       Organic farming increases yields and profits in India

May, 11, 2011       Amy’s Kitchen bringing 700 jobs to South Carolina

May, 05, 2011       Prince Charles champions organic farming

May, 03, 2011       Moms concerned about antibiotics in food animal production

May, 03, 2011       OFRF awards almost $2.7 million in grants over 20 years

May, 02, 2011       Prince Charles to speak at Georgetown on organic farming

April, 29, 2011       Proposed rule expands organic pesticide residue testing

April, 29, 2011       Dave Vetter recognized as an organic farming pioneer

April, 27, 2011       CCOF Inc. welcomes Executive Director Cathy Calfo

April, 27, 2011       Next generation of organic farmers recognized

April, 22, 2011       Scientist recommends organic to avoid pesticide exposure (audio)

April, 21, 2011       Pesticide exposure in womb may hurt children’s IQ

April, 21, 2011       Monsanto to study its own environmental impact for USDA

April, 20, 2011       Earthbound Farmoffers certified organic school lunches

April,13, 2011        USDA seeks nominations for National Organic Advisory Board

April,13, 2011        OMRI upgrades its review process

April,11, 2011        Organic snacks a "best industry" to start a new business in 2011

April,11, 2011        Ag secretaryasks industry to consider insurance fund for drift

Mar, 28, 2011        Monsanto and farmers clash in the battle for biodiversity

Mar, 28, 2011        Consumer dedication has made organic a bright spot for retailers

Mar, 25, 2011        GE crops get boost over organics with recent USDA rulings

Mar, 21, 2011        Former NOP official Neal now with AMS

Mar, 21, 2011        Farmers and consumer groups challenging GE alfalfa approval

Mar, 07, 2011        Organic corn late to join pricing surge

Mar, 04, 2011        Canada liberals propose moratorium on GE alfalfa

Mar, 04, 2011        Consumers vote overwhelmingly to support GMO food labeling

Mar, 02, 2011        A growing debate: How to define 'organic' food

Feb, 28, 2011        Wolfgang Puck features organic produce on Oscars menu

Feb, 17, 2011        Genetically engineered alfalfa isn't necessary

Feb, 14, 2011        US approves corn genetically engineered for ethanol

Feb, 09, 2011        Canada fails to pass GE "impacts" bill. See how MPs voted

Feb, 01, 2011        Organic industry stands in opposition to GE alfalfa

Feb, 01, 2011        Canada urges US government to reverse GE decision

Jan, 28, 2011         Horizon® adds 100 certified organic family farmers in 2010

Jan, 18, 2011         USDA responds to OTA request for funding organic program

Jan, 17, 2011         Organic Valley awarded "Processor of the Year"

Jan, 14,  2011        Food Trade Sustainability group seeking Executive Director

Jan, 11,  2011        USDA's Vilsack seeks compromise on biotech crops

Jan, 10,  2011        Settlement halts planting of GE crops on all refuges in 12 states

Jan, 10,  2011        Census indicates increase in organic farmland

Jan, 10,  2011        Vatican official backs off perceived approval of GM foods

Jan, 07 2011          UK campaign highlights benefits of organic

Jan, 07,  2011        Recession not a big factor for organic apples

Jan, 06,  2011        Lundberg Family Farms powers new warehouse with solar energy
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