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News and Commentary 2010 Archive

Dec, 26, 2010        Organic herb farm sues neighbor for pesticide drift

Dec, 21, 2010        USDA offers conservation funding to organic producers

Dec, 15, 2010        India's leading organic companies launch trade body

Dec, 14, 2010        Clothing retailer commits to doubling organic cotton production

Dec, 07, 2010        U.S. to remain most attractive
organic fruits and vegetables market

Dec, 07, 2010       The man behind MOM's Organic Market

Dec, 01, 2010       Court orders GE sugar beets pulled from the ground

Nov, 30, 2010       New York Times highlights organic pest management

Nov, 23, 2010      
Former Senator, now organic business owner, runs for public office

Nov, 22, 2010       Organic farming research foundation names Executive Director

Nov, 09, 2010       International Organic Market on an upward trend

Nov, 08, 2010       Green Mountain Coffee wins “Responsible CEO of the Year”

Nov, 06, 2010       Organic food: cutting through the confusion

Nov, 05, 2010       Whole Foods doubles net income, raises guidance

Nov, 05, 2010      
Good Housekeeping magazine declares organic is worth it

Nov, 05, 2010      
Industry "Votes No" in The Economist debate on biotechnology

Nov, 05, 2010       OFRF to compile science on organic farming benefits

Nov, 03, 2010       USDA seeking approval of genetically modified sugar beets

Oct. 28, 2010       
USDA announces $18 million+ in organic research and extension

Oct. 28, 2010       
OMRI products list exceeds 2000

Oct. 27, 2010       USDA upholds suspension of Promiseland organic certification

Oct. 21, 2010       USDA administrator says organic oversight improves after audit

Oct. 20, 2010       Bayer settles suits alleging GM contamination of rice

Oct. 20, 2010       USDA's Merrigan on establishing trade codes for organic products

Oct. 20, 2010       Whole Foods Market awarded for cutting GHG emissions

Oct. 8, 2010        
A landmark court decision means milk can be clear about its origins

Oct. 8, 2010         OTA conference speaker Lisa Gosselin on reading food labels

Oct. 6, 2010         Horizon Organic® grants annual HOPE Award

Sept. 30, 2010     
OTA member Nicholas Maravell among new NOSB members

Sept. 29, 2010     
Organic farming appears to have weathered recession in Minn

Sept. 29, 2010      Nebraska Ag Department receives funds for organic producers

Sept. 23, 2010      Certified organic farms on the rise in Minnesota

Sept. 21,2010       Organic dairy farmer Francis Thicke wants to lead Iowa agriculture

Sept. 21, 2010      USDA seeks public feedback on NOSB proposed recommendations

Sept. 20, 2010      Michelle Obama to host leaders' spouses at organic farm

Sept. 17, 2010      Whole Foods Market third quarter sales up 15.2% over last year

Sept. 15, 2010      
Meat farmers face antibiotic limits, but organic is already there

Sept. 14, 2010      Frontier Natural Products Co-op awards organic scholarship

Sept. 13, 2010      Oregon's organic agriculture solidifies its place

Sept. 10, 2010      Organic Valley plans to expand, add jobs

Sept. 9, 2010        Canada's Organic Science Cluster to get $8.7 million to grow on

Sept. 8, 2010        USDA Notice of National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program

Sept. 8, 2010       
USDA Notice of Agricultural Management Assistance Program

August 31, 2010    OTA Policy Conference keynote honored during Emmy Awards

August 30, 2010   
OTA advocacy pays off—organic crop insurance to improve in 2011

August 27, 2010   
Major clothing brands and top retailers go organic

August 26, 2010   
USDA announces funding to expand school community gardens

August 25, 2010    Complex interactions control pests on an organic farm

August 24, 2010   
USDA extends use of methionine in organic poultry production

August 24, 2010    Organic eggs increase in popularity following massive recall

August 23, 2010    Organic eggs not implicated in the national shell egg recall
August 23, 2010    Massive egg recall increases pressure for Food Safety legislation

August 23, 2010    
Can genetic engineering and organic co-exist?

August 20, 2010    
TIME magazine showcases organic--On balance positive
August 16, 2010    Judge revokes approval of modified sugar beets 

August 16, 2010    
Organic foods represent large part of total food purchases

August 13, 2010   
Whole Foods celebrates 30 years, recognizes OTA

August 9, 2010     
40 percent of NY farmers interested in organic production

August 9, 2010      Organic foods represent large part of total food purchases

August 5, 2010      Organic milk market grows in Vermont

July 29, 2010         Family dairy farm sees improved herd, health after going organic

July 28, 2010        
Quebec commits to local organic agriculture

July 22, 2010        
Trump Hotel offers in-room organic dining certified by Oregon Tilth

July 22, 2010         Organic farming increasingly popular with the young and hip

July 15, 2010         Whole Foods has a new policy for organic personal care products

July 1, 2010          
OTA mourns passing of organic pioneer Eldon Lundberg

June 25, 2010        Michael Pollan on NBC News, says organic is a good investment

June 24, 2010        Hospital food gets a push down the organic aisle

June 24, 2010        Organic Valley Supply Management Program pays off

June 23, 2010        Rep. Kucinich introduces three bills regarding GE food

June 21, 2010       
Are Organic Foods Healthier?

June 21, 2010        Supreme Court Ruling in Monsanto Case is Victory for CFS, Farmers

June 21, 2010       
Farmers turn to mobile slaughterhouses

June 16, 2010        Industry fights repeal of Organic Certification Cost-Share Program

June 15, 2010        Organic Trade Association announces 2010 Board and officers

June 1, 2010          CNN's Dr. Gupta says buy organic to avoid pesticide residue

May 28, 2010        
NOSB seeking nominations for five positions

May 24, 2010         Pizza Fusion adds organic school program

May 19, 2010        
Letter Asks USDA to Maintain Ban on GE Alfalfa Seed

May 13, 2010         
Cancer panel recommendation hailed by organic leaders

May 5, 2010          
Organic practices can feed the world better than industrial farming

April 21, 2010:       
Supreme Court to hear Biotech vs organic alfalfa case
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