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Nov. 15, 2013    FDA extends comment period on proposed rules

Oct. 30, 2013    Uncle Matt's Organic outpaces competition in organic juice

Oct. 30, 2013    Urge Farm Bill Negotiators to Support Organic Priorities!

Sept.29, 2013    US-Japan organic agreement could lead to more organic options

Sept.03, 2013    2013 OTA Industry Survey data show organic produce rising

Sept.03, 2013    GMO corn failing to protect fields from pest damage

July  26, 2013    Happy Family Organic Superfoods recognized at White House

July  23, 2013    Spirit of Cooperation informs guidance for egg producers

June 17, 2013    Would Americans be better off eating a mostly organic diet?

June 10, 2013    Target rolling out organic, natural grocery brand

May 29, 2013    USDA investigates unapproved GE wheat found on Oregon farm

May 29, 2013    Organic in Focus: Issues that define organic today, tomorrow

May 13, 2013    Danone buys organic baby-food maker

May 10, 2013    House OKs GMO labeling bill, sets up Senate action in 2014

May 08, 2013    Happy Family tops list of fastest growing women-owned companies

May 07, 2013    The Organic Center names science director

Apr. 23, 2013    Global Organic Textile Standard tops 3000 facilities in 2012

Apr. 23, 2013    OTA Board member promotes merits of organic fabric

Apr. 22, 2013    FDA plans to extend FSMA comment period

Apr. 15, 2013    Organic standards board rejects effort to continue antibiotic use

Apr. 12, 2013    Organic Valley celebrates 25th anniversary

Apr. 06, 2013    Organic nuts grow but are still dwarfed by conventional nuts

Apr. 03, 2013    Organic equivalency with Costa Rica supports Canadian exports

Apr. 03, 2013    Organic nuts grow but are still dwarfed by conventional nuts

Mar. 28, 2013    USDA works to streamline organic certification

Mar. 15, 2013    OTA thanks Merrigan for her service as USDA Deputy Secretary

Mar. 15, 2013    Deputy Secretary Merrigan steps down

Mar. 14, 2013    Tell your Senators: Reject the Biotech Rider!

Mar. 13, 2013    Toxic threats to grassland birds

Mar. 13, 2013    Whole Foods to label foods with gene-modified content

Mar. 01, 2013    SFTA releases its first Annual Sustainability Report

Mar. 01, 2013    Strong organic demand fuels opportunities

Feb. 27, 2013    The Organic Movement campaign hits newsstands

Feb. 17, 2013    USDA Response to AC21 recommendations

Feb. 15, 2013    Hollywood A-list couple Pitt, Jolie to release organic wine brand

Feb. 13, 2013    Organic really matters, The Chicago Tribune

Feb. 04, 2013    FDA announces FSMA public meetings

Feb. 04, 2013    Label GMO food Initiative I-522 passed first hurdle

Feb. 01, 2013    Genetic changes to food may get uniform labeling

Jan. 31, 2013     Monsanto CEO says he’s “up for the dialogue around labeling”

Jan. 20, 2013     Canadian national organic groups grow closer

Jan. 17, 2013     Francis Thicke appointed to National Organic Standards Board

Jan. 14, 2013     OTA helps sleep industry market ‘organic’

Jan. 14, 2013     Strong growth in organics in 2012

Jan. 14, 2013     More babies squeezing organic food from pouches

Jan. 08, 2013     OTA member takes Wall Street Journal Op-ed to task

Jan. 07, 2013     Family farmers to travel to Washington, D.C. to take on Monsanto

Jan. 03, 2013     PricewaterhouseCoopers says organic to grow exponentially

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