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News and Commentary 2012 Archive


Dec 11, 2012      Former MOFGA leader dies; ran group more than 17 years

Dec 05, 2012      How Dr. Oz got it wrong on organics

Dec 17, 2012      Organic farmer training benefits families, communities

Nov  26, 2012      Organic industry needs a check-off program | Viewpoints

Nov  21, 2012      Uncle Matt’s marks first fresh decade, expands acreage

Nov  14, 2012      Organic dairy farms benefit farmers and local economies

Nov  08, 2012      Organic Cotton Report highlights growth in retail

Nov  01, 2012      USDA awards grants supporting organic research and marketing

Oct. 30, 2012      Support needed for research about organic and climate change

Oct. 26, 2012      Canadian organic producers get marketing boost

Oct. 24, 2012      NOP celebrates 10 years of USDA Organic

Oct. 16, 2012      Organic Valley receives national product awards

Oct. 15, 2012      WSU to dedicate Eggert Family Organic Farm

Oct. 09, 2012      OMRI unveils new seal

Oct. 09, 2012      Non-organic dairy products linked to hypospadias in offspring

Oct. 04, 2012      World’s first global organic cotton campaign launched

Sep. 26, 2012      Organic Week celebrated in Canada

Sep. 20, 2012      Massive tumors in rats fed GMOS in long-term study

Sep. 11, 2012      Alleged testing of GE 'golden rice' on kids

Sep. 10, 2012      Where cows are happy and food is healthy

Sep. 06, 2012      WSU Scientist responds to Annals of Internal Medicine paper

Aug  29, 2012      A banker bets on organic farming

Aug  23, 2012      'Food deserts' look ripe for Whole Foods stores

Aug  23, 2012      India's organic foods market growing at over 20%

Aug  20, 2012      Organic Valley demands 'Real Food for Real Kids'

Aug  16, 2012      COTA raises major concern: New GMO market access policy

Aug  15, 2012      Leading health care provider launches all-organic farmers market

Aug  08, 2012      Hyatt treats children to new organic menu

Aug  08, 2012      Customers increasingly shift to organic foods

July  31, 2012      Organic gets some drought relief

July  30, 2012      Organic farmers push California bill to label 'Frankenfoods'

July  26, 2012      OIG Releases "No Findings" Audit Report 

July  25, 2012      Mile High Organics is Colorado's only GMO-free grocer

July  24, 2012      Organic Valley & Rodale Institute partner

July  20, 2012      Battle over genetically engineered food heading to voters

July  19, 2012      MOM's Organic Market celebrates 25 years

July  18, 2012      Allies join effort to reinstate challenge to Monsanto patents

July  18, 2012      Organic can’t be stuffed inside a big food box

July  17, 2012      Strong demand, empty market to bolster organic pear producers

July  16, 2012      Organics gain clout in export markets

July  13, 2012      Growers fret over a new apple that won’t turn brown

July  12, 2012      How the NY Times went too far in slamming big organic

July  09, 2012      OTA responds to The New York Times

July  16, 2012      Organic tomatoes contain higher antioxident levels

July  03, 2012      NOP Chief: NOSB represents diversity of organic community

June 28, 2012      Implementation period for pectin extended until 10.21.12

June 28, 2012      CCOF debuts “Why Buy Certified Organic?” campaign

June 28, 2012      Organic Valley CEO wins NRDC “Green” award

June 25, 2012      German organic growers cannot satisfy growing demand

June 22, 2012      OTA welcomes proposal for stricter organic program controls

June 22, 2012      Uganda's household farmers become organic exporters

June 21, 2012      NOP seeks an environmentalist to serve on NOSB

June 14, 2012      California voters to decide on GMO labeling

June 11, 2012      White House report on agricultural economy cites value of organic

June 11, 2012      New organic agriculture research centre receives funding

June 07, 2012      Young organic farmers are the future of the American food industry

June 07, 2012       Politicians, advocates: An 11th-hour push for a better farm bill

June 07, 2012       Organic Seed Alliance works to protect farmer choice in seed

June 04, 2012       NOSB wants more action on GMOs

June 01, 2012       OSGATA names certified organic farmer  as General Manager

May 31, 2012       Organic partnership begins with European Union

May 23, 2012       Health, food safety has families going organic

May 22, 2012       CCOF and Oregon Tilth announce planned merger

May 22, 2012       CCOF and Oregon Tilth announce planned merger

May 17, 2012       USDA 150th anniversary publication highlights organic

May 15, 2012       Watch the USDA anniversary celebration live at 10:30 a.m. EST

May 10, 2012       MDA advises consumers to look for the organic certified label

May 03, 2012       Report finds organic food is better for U.S. jobs

May 03, 2012       Whole Foods profit jumps on demand for organic foods

May 02, 2012       California GMO labeling initiative headed for ballot

May 01, 2012       White House cites U.S.-EU equivalency for regulatory cooperation

May 01, 2012       Genetically modified crops' results raise concern

Apr 26, 2012        Dow corn, resistant to a weed killer, runs into opposition

Apr 26, 2012        Mile High Organics: First USDA-Certified U.S. organic online grocer

Apr 18, 2012        US: Global organic textile standard continues to grow

Apr 05, 2012        Researcher: Choose organic poultry to avoid arsenic in chicken

Apr 03, 2012        Ron Kirk highlights Administration in reducing trade barriers

Mar 29, 2012        U.S. organic growers appeal lawsuit against Monsanto

Mar 27, 2012        America wants GMOs labeled infographic

Mar 27, 2012        The Washington Post features an 8-page supplement on organic

Mar 23, 2012        Legal victory in fight to reduce antibiotics in animal agriculture

Mar 23, 2012        Anvil launches organic garden program to celebrate Earth Day

Mar 21, 2012        Applications for NRCS Organic Initiative Due March 30

Mar 21, 2012        USDA lists 17,673 organic farms and processing facilities in the U.S.

Mar 13, 2012        Members of Congress call on FDA to require GE labeling

Mar 13, 2012        Scientists warn EPA over Monsanto's GMO crop failures

Mar 13, 2012        Record number of retailers at Natural Products Expo West

Mar 13, 2012        Firm spars with Monsanto in seed lawsuit

Mar 07, 2012        In Hong Kong, a growing taste for organic food

Mar 07, 2012        Organic shows growth in the fourth quarter

Feb 29, 2012        Townsley pleads guilty to selling fraudulent organic fertilizer

Feb 27, 2012        Kohl pledges support for organic farming; MOSES conference

Feb 21, 2012        Author of U.S. organic program hails equivalence agreement

Feb 15, 2012        USA, EU get on same page for organic farms

Feb 08, 2012        Modified crops tap a wellspring of protest

Feb 07, 2012        You can improve your health and the environment with organic

Feb 06, 2012        Two OTA members named among top food entrepreneurs

Jan 18, 2012         Just Label It campaign releases video

Jan 18, 2012         Organic crop insurance cost spoils growth of $27 billion market

Jan 17, 2012         NBJ Awards recognize industry leaders

Jan 17, 2012         Buy organic to minimize family's pesticide exposure

Jan 12, 2012         Stonyfield founder Gary Hirshberg steps into new role

Jan 11, 2012         Organic makes in-roads in tracking trade

Jan 11, 2012         FRF issues over $50,000 in grants to farm research projects 

Jan 09, 2012         Del Cabo responds to NYTs on organic sustainability 

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