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Organic. It's Worth It. Partnership Kit


  What it is:
Organic.It's Worth It in Schools is the nation’s first-ever, industry-backed campaign to empower parents, teachers, students, educators and others to request their schools offer organic food.

How it works:
Visit http://www.organicitsworthit.org/school-newsletter, enter your favorite school's name and address, and "vote" for your school by signing up for an electronic newsletter featuring organic tips, recipes, news and more.

You can also write a letter to your school, sign and circulate a petition, read and share this fact sheet, download our partnership kit (see below), try these tips, or check out these other resources to help us spread the word that Organic. It's Worth It in Schools.

What schools can win:
The school that wins the most "votes" and generates the most newsletter sign-ups will have the choice of an organic garden, complete with seeds, soil, and support from an organic gardening expert, or a fully stocked organic vending machine featuring items like organic milk, cheese, fruit, yogurt, snacks and more.*

*A school must receive a minimum 1,000 votes (or newsletter sign-ups) to win. The winning school selects the garden or vending machine for installation in the 2010-11 school year.

Help us spread the word.

Please help spread the word. With our “Partnership Kit,” you can: 


Host an “Organic. It’s worth it.” flash banner ad that links to http://www.organicitsworthit.org/join/current-campaigns

Feature a static campaign banner ad or logo that links to http://www.organicitsworthit.org/join/current-campaigns

Post campaign copy, or our campaign new release, to your site
Include an “Organic. It's Worth It in Schools” story and/or visual that links to the Web page
Create an update for your social media outlets

Partnership Kit Assets

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Organic It's Worth It Logo (gif)

300 x 250 Badges

300 x 250 Flash Ads

728 x 90 Badges

728 x 90 Flash Ads

Web Campaign Copy

News Release
Blog or Newsletter Campaign Copy
Twitter or Facebook Campaign



Thank you for your support

Thank you in advance for supporting our campaign and sharing with your networks.  Questions or comments? Contact Laura Batcha, director of marketing and public relations, Organic Trade Association, 802-275-3827, lbatcha@ota.com

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