OTA January 1, 2013 Ė December 31, 2013 Annual Report - Organic Trade Association
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OTA January 1, 2013 Ė December 31, 2013 Annual Report


The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is pleased to share with you our Annual Report (January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013) and Fiscal Year 2013 financial summary (see below).

OTA Annual Report 2013

OTA is on solid financial footing, and continues to be a responsible steward of the generous contributions from our members. We take our mandate as your trade association seriously, and use these resources to proactively work on your behalf concerning advocacy, government relations, and media outreach to develop markets for organic products, foster consumer confidence in the organic label, and advance organic research and promotion efforts.

During 2013, OTA partnered with The Organic Center on its most successful media tour ever, promoting the many benefits of organic products and demonstrating in real terms how organic can be affordable for $25 a day for a family of four. Be sure to also take a few minutes to review The Organic Centerís recently released Annual Report which highlights the many scientific and communications accomplishments of 2013.

Now, in recent days, we have seen the fruits of our 2013 advocacy efforts pay off with historic wins for the organic sector in the now approved 2014 Farm Bill. As a result, organic producers and handlers will no longer be required to pay into conventional check-off programs, the National Organic Program will receive increased funding to enforce organic standards, improve technology, and negotiate international trade agreements, and funding will be provided for organic research, data collection, and certification cost share. Meanwhile, organic now has the choice to chart a course to the future.

The door is open for the industry to tackle challenges, grow and thrive over the next decade. Letís work together to be united for more organic!

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