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Member Communities


OTA’s Member Communities structure provides members with ongoing opportunities to get connected to conversations, issues, and action that impacts their business.

OTA Member Forums offer informal, on-going conversation on issues of common interest. Members use Forums to network with peers, seek answers to questions, share their expertise, provide advice, and discuss common challenges. OTA has nine Member Forums covering diverse topics such as international trade, marketing, and sustainability. Learn more.

OTA Task Forces are time-bound, task-charged, and outcome-focused groups charged with accomplishing a definite objective. Task forces can be convened by the board, staff, or members in order to recommend a course of action or accomplish a specific objective.

 OTA Task Forces OTA’s Member Forums and Task Forces offer members a variety of ways to participate without having to make long-term commitments, encourage communication among and between OTA’s diverse membership, and promote work that is aligned with OTA’s overall strategy and vision for promoting and protecting organic agriculture and trade.

Contact Amy Bovaird, OTA’s Member Relations and Fundraising Associate Director, if you want to get connected to OTA’s Member Communities.


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